My experience has exposed me to creative solutions for a broad range of industries. I have worn multiple hats in graphic design and creative development in higher education, automotive, environmental, non-profit and retail sectors.

From the initial encounter, we all process context from different perspectives. I’ve learned that one of the best ways to capture the essence of a message is to formulate visual and verbal interplay. Let the message transcend a headline or photograph and build on genuine human experience—joy, desire, curiosity.

Please take a moment to review my work and contact me for your next project.


Juan Garcia

—Designer, Illustrator, and Soccer Fanatic.



Gold ADDY Award Wilkin Guge Marketing –
Peeing Jimmy Holiday Card
Gold ADDY Award Inland Empire Ad Club –
ADDY Poster Campaign (Production Design)
Silver ADDY Award Green Institute for
Village Empowerment – Theater Brochures


Graphis New Talent Gold Award


Elinor Wilding Award (Art)



Graphis New Talent 2007/2008